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16 Week Courses Converted Into 8 - How Did We Do It?

A Day in the Life... A Practitioner-Teacher's Approach to Simulating Practice Management

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Using Robotics in Healthcare Management Education

Beginning With the End in Mind: Pathways to Securing Fellowships

Building Teamwork Skills for Healthcare Administration and Health Sciences Students via Online Teaching

Burnout in the Health Care Professions: A Public Health Concern

Certification-Embedded Education Programs: A Vision to Elevate Performance

Consistency Across the Program: Aligning Competency Development of On-line/On-Campus MHA Courses

Development of Healthcare Informatics Competencies & Curricular Recommendations

Embedding the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety in an Undergraduate Healthcare Administration Program

Enhancing Competency-Based Health Management Curricula: Strategic Concept Mapping to Enhance Inter-Faculty Communication

Expanding Undergraduate Curriculum to Increase Preparedness for Work in Population Health

Healthcare Managers: Write, Speak, Create

I Like Big Data and I Can't Lie: Reshaping Critical Thinking

Integrating Health Informatics Competencies into Health Administration Education

Inter-Professional Education: Integrating Nursing Simulation Lab in a Graduate Quality Improvement Course

Measuring Student Competency Achievement for the Future: Infusing the Continuous Improvement Process

Python for Healthcare: Increasing Awareness of Data Science Among Future Healthcare Professionals

Revisiting Faculty Turnover: Is It Impacting Student Learning In Your Competency Development Model?

The Future of Healthcare Administration Education Content Delivery: The Audio Podcast

Using Competency-Based Rubrics to Track Student Development

Utilizing Video Case Simulations in an Undergraduate Healthcare Marketing Strategy Course

Where Are They Now? Trends in Baccalaureate Health Administration Graduates