The purpose of this project is to highlight how video case simulations can be used to enhance student learning and engagement in an undergraduate marketing strategy course.  The goal of the project was to help students build and apply core knowledge, skills, and abilities related to marketing strategy concepts.  Healthcare marketing video case simulations are provided by leading healthcare administration textbook publishers and can even be created by course faculty through practitioner interviews.  Video case simulations are an innovative way to engage students in learning and real-world case analyses. Video cases ask students to assume the role of a healthcare marketing consultant employed by a large health system board. Cases simulate the perspectives of health system administrators, providers, and patients. In their role, students are asked to complete several different projects across the simulated health system. The healthcare marketing video case bundle used in the course consisted of four video cases that simulate real-world marketing questions, data, and projects.  This poster discusses how the video case simulations have been utilized in an undergraduate marketing strategy course.  Additionally, the poster highlights how the course faculty mapped key criteria, competencies, and student learning objectives to develop assignments that utilize the video cases. 




Kim Davey, PhD, MBA, MA

Associate Professor of Public Health
Director of the Undergraduate Public Health Program