Global Symposium Call for Proposals

Global Healthcare Symposium

Call for Proposals Open

The Global Healthcare Management (GHM) network of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) invites you to submit competitive proposals for a pre-conference symposium on Global Healthcare Management Education, held in conjunction with the AUPHA 2018 Annual Meeting.  This half-day Global Healthcare Symposium, preceding the annual conference and held on the morning of Wednesday, June 13th,  is designed to:

  • link participants with shared interests in Global Healthcare Management & Policy;
  • share best practices in enhancing exposure to quality global health management education;
  • further partnerships and to provide a succinct review of opportunities for faculty to enhance their teaching (both overseas and in the US), service, and research; and
  • explore ideas for opportunities, addressing challenges, multi-national approaches, and innovative channels to advance global health management (both overseas and in the US)

The theme of this year’s 2018 AUPHA Annual Meeting is “Looking Back to Look Forward”. This is a great opportunity to focus on the experiences of AUPHA members and their global healthcare management education partners in working together to identify and include communities and health professionals in the healthcare management educational process.  The theme also provides the opportunity to build upon our past Global Healthcare Symposium experiences in advancing global health management education.

Focus Areas

A primary goal of AUPHA and the GHM network is to create international connections that link AUPHA with similar associations of health care management programs in other countries and regions of the world. Representatives and/or members of these associations are particularly encouraged to submit proposals. To assist submitters with their proposals, a list of key focus areas are highlighted below.

  • Approaches to creating sustainable partnerships are strongly encouraged, as we feel this addresses the topic specifically around “past experiences and future advancements” related to global healthcare management.
  • Global health management education efforts in US (North American) universities and international programs that discuss building on past experiences to improve quality of global health management education. Focus areas may include competency-based models, accreditation, etc..
  • Issues of collaboration in building partnerships between academic programs and provider and/or payer organizations internationally that support student field-based learning, community engagement, and other practical application of health management.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should focus on experiences that will serve to catalyze discussion. The focus should be on actual experience in different countries working with healthcare management educational programs that engage communities and partner organizations in assessing past experiences and current experiences to shape future global health management. Presentation of case studies or analyses of national trends that impact health are also encouraged. However, any individual presentation in this area should be based on personal experience in country, and could include research. Individual presentations should not be longer than 20 minutes in length including limited discussion. Presentations will be selected based on commonality of focus and fidelity to program theme, and will be peer reviewed and given full consideration by the GHM Symposium Planning Committee. To submit a completed proposal, please follow all the guidelines listed below.

Proposals must include:

  1. Name, organizational affiliation, and contact information of all presenter(s)
    • It is understood that changes may occur. However, the presenters identified (or any last minute substitutes) must attend and register for the Global Healthcare Management & Policy Symposium
    • Proposals may include up to 3 participants (but presentation time is still limited 20 minutes per session (2/3 presentation to set up 1/3 discussion and conclusions time). “Presenters” may present in the first 1/3 or work on stirring or debriefing the discussion. 
  2. Proposal title (15 words or less)
  3. Abstract of presentation (limited to 250 words or less) to include learning objectives and format of presentation.

Proposals are to be submitted via email to with a subject line: “2018 AUPHA Global Healthcare Symposium Proposal” no later than 5:00 pm ET on Friday, January 26, 2018. There will be an expedited review with notification of decision by February 9, 2018.​​