Global Symposium

Global Healthcare Symposium

The theme of this year’s 2019 AUPHA Annual Meeting is “Resiliency and Relevance in a Time of Change”. This is a great opportunity to focus on the experiences of AUPHA members and their global healthcare management education partners in working together to identify and include communities and health professionals in the healthcare management educational process.  The theme also provides the opportunity to build upon our past Global Healthcare Symposium experiences in advancing global health management education.

Call for Proposals Open

A primary goal of AUPHA and the GHM network is to create international connections that link AUPHA with similar associations of health care management programs in other countries and regions of the world. Representatives and/or members of these associations are particularly encouraged to submit proposals. To assist submitters with their proposals, a list submission types, submission guidelines, and key focus areas are included in the Call for Proposals.

Please note that proposals are due by 5:00 pm ET on March 15, 2019. There will be an expedited review with notification of decision by April 1, 2019.