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We are excited to announce that Dr. Josh Luke will be the Pattulo Lecturer at the 2017 AUPHA Annual Meeting in Long Beach, California. Dr. Luke is an author, hospital CEO, healthcare futurist, and international motivational speaker. He has been the CEO of multiple acute hospitals in California, Administrator in the Skilled Nursing Division of Kindred, and has directed various oversight efforts of home health and hospice services in a Vice Presidential Role. He currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for Nelson Hardiman Healthcare Law.


Drawing from his broad range of experience with many of the leading healthcare companies, Dr. Luke has position himself as a well-regarded expert on remission prevention and care coordination. He is regarded as a “futurist” on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how it will shape the continuum of care. He is an innovator, forward-thinker, and a strategist on teaching ACO’s, BPIP’s, acute hospitals, and post-acute leaders on how to position themselves for revenue growth in a post-ACA model. Dr. Luke has authored Readmission Prevention: Solutions Across the Provider Continuum and Ex-Acute: A former hospital tells all on what’s wrong with American healthcare, What every American needs to know, the latter of which is being made available to all attendees at this year’s AUPHA Annual Meeting.

Be sure to register for the 2017 AUPHA Annual Meeting to ensure your spot for Dr. Luke’s thought-provoking discussion.


We look forward to seeing you all at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Long Beach, California from June 14-16. 


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