Call for Proposals

Call For Proposals Now Open

The official AUPHA Call for Proposals for the 2020 AUPHA Annual Meeting is now open until 11:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday, December 9, 2019. As a special notice to every submitter, this year's Annual Meeting will include specialized Undergraduate and Doctoral tracks. Therefore, please take note of the updates to the Call for Proposals submission process below:

Undergraduate and Doctoral Tracks Submissions
1)  The 2020 AUPHA Annual Meeting will include focused Undergraduate and Doctoral tracks around the meeting's theme/topic areas
a) The Undergraduate track includes education sessions from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon, and the Doctoral track includes education sessions throughout Wednesday

2)  Those interested in submitting a proposal for the Undergraduate or Doctoral tracks may do so by indicating their intent on Question #2 of the Call
a) The process to submit a proposal for one of these tracks is the same as submitting for an education session. Please review the Call to see what information is needed for these sessions

3)  To streamline submissions, individuals who would like submit a proposal for the Undergraduate or Doctoral track and still be considered for the overall Annual Meeting may indicate so on Question #3 of the Call. This will allow you to submit your session proposal just once instead of multiple times for the different tracks

General Annual Meeting Session and Poster Submissions

1)  The process to submit a general Annual Meeting session remains the same as previous years. You will be asked to select your subtopic and session type (education, deep dive, or conversation & collaboration), and then input the required information highlighted in the Call

2)  Please note that those that would like a submission to be considered for a session and a poster will need to submit it twice. Once as a session and once as a poster presentation

This year's theme is Improve Your (2020) Vision – Elevate Your Performance, which lends itself to a broad range of topics around healthcare administration in the professional and academic arenas. While the overall theme revolves around elevating the performance of students, programs, professors, professionals, and all others within the field, the Annual Meeting Planning Committee has also developed the following list of subtopics that submissions should be developed around.



Current Efforts and Concepts

Future Vision

Programs/ Curriculum

- What aspects of your program(s) and curriculum have recently been modified to more effectively address student or industry needs? (Coursework, competency models, student retention, diversity, etc.)

- Looking forward, what issues or topics need to be more effectively addressed? (Population health management, clinical integration, globalism, developing future academic leaders, etc.)
- What emerging technologies and techniques may lead to more efficient program operations?


Teaching/ Methodologies

- What new teaching or pedagogical approaches have been shown to be successful, including approaches to online and distant learning, and non-traditional students?

- How are you improving students’ critical thinking abilities, including new approaches to qualitative and quantitative analysis?


- What issues will require changes in how we educate future healthcare leaders?


Outside Influences

- What outside influences are effecting the design and delivery of healthcare management education? 

- What innovations have you introduced to more effectively address the social determinants of health?


- What future changes may have an effect on the healthcare administration field?

- How will those changes affect students and professionals?


Students & Professionals

- What competencies do students and professionals need to be successful?

- What new competencies will students/professionals need to be successful in the future?

Once you have read through the AUPHA Call for Proposals and are ready to submit a proposal, you may do so by clicking on the link in the Proposal Submission section of the Call.